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Parent Information

Discipline Policy

Dayton Heights Elementary Policy 

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School Procedures

Dayton Heights School Procedures



  1. Use the facilities without horseplay
  2. Wash your hands before leaving
  3. Throw away all trash in the trash cans
  4. Conserve water usage



Waiting & Eating 

  1. Stay in line order, Walk & Sit
  2. Use calm voices while eating and waiting in line
  3. Ask for permission if you need anything (to go the the restroom, to drink water)

When Finished Eating

  1. Listen to the supervision aide's directions 
  2. Recycle

Yard Procedures 

  1. Stay & play in your assigned area
  2. Use the restroom & drink water before the horn blows
  3. Warning flag will indicate 5 minutes left to play (perfect time to use the restroom & drink water)
  4. When the horn blows drop to your knees and wait for the whistle
  5. When the whistle blows walk to your line area


  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Walk Only
  • If your work is not on a bulletin board, please do not touch it


  1. Walk in an orderly manor
  2. Sit & wait quietly 
  3. Keep your feet off of the back of others chairs
  4. Pay attention to the presenter
  5. Stay engaged