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Dayton Heights Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Learn, Grow, Lead. For a better tomorrow.


    Welcome New Staff


    Steve Choe AUT 3-5

    Madeline Weisner. TK/K

    Evangelina Villalobos, K-2 SDC

    3 B's for DHES


    School starts Daily at 8:00 am

    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays school will dismiss at 2:24 pm.


    Starting Tuesday, August 27, banking days will occur EVERY Tuesday until May 28th. 

    Dismissal on Tuesdays will be 1:19 pm 


    Any questions please call the office for more information. 


    NEW Uniform Company


    Uniforms are required for every student.  Students do not have to wear the logo, but are expected to wear a gold top and navy blue bottoms, Monday through Thursday. The school T shirt may be worn on Fridays.

    Faith Uniforms will be here on Wednesday September 4th, during back to school night. While here, they will be selling uniforms, and taking orders.  The difference between ordering on campus, is that parents can pay with cash.  When ordering online, parents can only pay with a credit card or ATM with a credit card logo.

    Uniform orders will be delivered the first Thursday of each month.  There will be some exceptions, but we will let parents know of the changes.  Orders will also be taken on the delivery days.

    Order online, click the link below to go directly to the company's website.



    The Arts Education Branch, chose Bailey Avilez, as one of the winners of the LAUSD 4th/5th Grade Storytelling Contest. Bailey's story was celebrated on Thursday, May 30th at Torres High School in East LA. Her story was made into a short film by a group of high school students and Bailey had the opportunity to read her story to everyone who attended the celebration. Bailey, we are so proud of you. Keep writing, keep stretching your imagination and working toward your goals. 

    Congratulations to our newly published poets! 

    Alexa Sandoval

    Gabriela Aviles

    Juliana Oliva 

    Jayce Barnes

    Tony Andrade

    Bailey Cervantes

    Nicole Villacorta

    Nancy Echeverria- De Leon

    Steele Herrera

    Congratulations to Camila Altamirano

    She won 3rd place for her slide show on the concentration camps that occurred at Manzanar and her research impacted what thinks of California. 

    Parent Corner

    Please Check out our Parent Center Mini Site to see more information about upcoming events and any flyers can be found in the Locker. 


    Upcoming Parent Workshops will be updated in the new school year. 

    Check out our Facebook! 

    Thursday, October 3rd

    First Annual UES Magnet Newsletter: A Year in Review 2018-2019 

    Check out our newsletter under the magnet tab & on the magnet website. 

    Congratulation to Ms. Alden for winning an Eduporium Educational Technology Grant in April 2019!

    "Discovering and acquiring new STEM technology shouldn’t be a burden for schools and teachers. Eduporium’s monthly grant program makes it’s a little bit easier.  Every calendar month, we will award one $500 grant to a deserving school or teacher, helping educators build 21st-century learning environments and equipping students with the skills they need for the future. 
    We’re looking for educators who have demonstrated innovation and creativity within their school community, those who have a financial need, and those who can provide a clear and concise product plan that can be implemented within six months." (Eduporium Ed Tech Grant) 

    Anti-Bully Zone

    Here at Dayton Heights we are a bully free zone.

    Every spring students create their own anti-bullying posters to display at the beginning of each new school year. 

    Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.

    The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.

    bul·ly1  verb

    1. use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.


    In the Spotlight

    About Us

              Since 1910, Dayton Heights has been a part of Los Angeles, even before the city was founded. Throughout every changing immigrant population of the neighborhood, we have influenced and educated. 

               At Dayton Heights we are a community of learners comprised of families, teachers, staff, and community members committed to empowering our students to become fearless thinkers and innovators. Students are engaged and learn in a rigorous standards-based environment where they develop their critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills. The students participate in authentic and meaningful learning in all curricular areas. This collaborative learning process will not only prepare our students to become college and career ready graduates, but to transform them to become innovators in the 21st century. We are Los Angeles, creating the future. We are the Dayton Heights Dragons! 

    Fast Facts



    Suspension Rate 


    Board Member

    Jackie Goldberg



    District Area



    Dr. Chiae Kitayama


    20 Teachers + 51 Support Staff 

    Teachers with Masters Degrees 



    Ms. Diane Rodriguez